15. November 2016

A Tribute to Ubud

A lot of travelers who come to the city where Elizabeth Gilbert found everlasting happiness just plan to stay a couple of days. But for some miraculous reason, most of them get stuck here and days become weeks and weeks become month. Same with me. I stayed longer in Ubud than in any other place of my journey so far. Because I had an indifferent but strong feeling, that at least my heart belongs here. The mind is sometimes bothered by all the crazy people, the hippies, the sense-seekers the yogis and the vegans who are gathering here like amorous bees around a rutting rose bush. The soul instead seems to feel a strong connection to places like this as if it would sent the chance of finally finding a habitat where it can fully express and develop itself. While I am writing this, I am sitting in a tiny, lovely warung in a small side street. It’s one of the local managed restaurants where you still get your Nasi Goreng for a reasonable price and without this annoying service and government tax which the tourist places on the main road charge, a vice, that slowly seems to spread all over Bali. Some elder, western ladies are passing by, all of them with a relaxed, blissful expression on their face. They definitely found their happy place here in Ubud. Eat, pray, love, die. You can actually meet a lot of old people here.