31. August 2005

Sri Lanka – Inside Buddhism (English)

The International Meditation and Dhamma Study Centre Rockhill Hermitage in Wiegirikanda didn’t look at all as i imagined myself what a monastery would be. There where no banks and beds made of stone, no praying monks in silence, it was neither dry nor waste. The Rockhill slumbered on a hill in the middle of a jungle somewhere in the nowhere. And this jungle was pretty succesfull in slowly taking back everything, the humans took from him in long, hard work. Fighting for the monastery: an old, lazy gardener without any teeth, who really didn’t want to overwork himself in his old days. On side of the jungle: fast growing plants, humility, heat, a lot of insects like ants, spiders and mosquitos, caterpillars, worms, leaches, butterflies, birds, monkeys, martens, squirles and pigs. And endless time and patience.